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March 03, 2008


sara girlscantell

amy. i love this. and you should come with me to philly sewing collective events.
also, i mentioned the other day to some friends that i would love to just pick an outfit, and wear it every single day, much like a cartoon. i'll probably blog more about that idea, because i'm really keen on it.
stay fabulous, amy, seriously. i love it.

lauren e.

Amy! This is genius! And now, I want to do the same.

::glances at my dusty sewing machine and already-miles-long to-do list::

Eh.. maybe some day. It only took you a decade to get started right? ;)


I'm on the same kind of mission....but haven't made myself anything in so long! I really need to give myself a kick and get going!! Good luck with it
(oh and I'm sure I found you through etsy - but I now have you linked on my blog)


I adore Treehouse28. I'm trying to save my pennies so I can get a whole new wardrobe from her.


What a great fantasy! Really interesting post. I came here from the Etsy blog thread.


Hello Amy, I've found your work via the Small Magazine and have fallen in love with it. What a beautiful blog too. Thank you!

Design for Mankind

Love this post!!! :)


amy - i found your blog through etsy (i'm completely in love with the hybrid animal illustrations). i recently dove into the world of blogging and i have to say that i was really excited to find yours. i love the images and ideas you have to share. thanks!

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